General FAQs

How does Leanscout work?
Working with Leanscout is simple by design. After you buy your first service, staffing is started automatically and one of our project managers will reply shortly after. We carefully staff the optimal team based on skills, experience, and availability, and start immediately.
Taking into account the information you provide after buying a service, we complete the project as quickly as possible. All work is quality-controlled by your dedicated project manager.
We have no fees or hidden costs, and you always know what you will end up paying when you buy a service You can pay with credit card or PayPal, which has to be added to your account on before we can start the project.

Can Leanscout start a project/service on very short notice?
Yes. For our standard services we can typically get started in 2 hours or less. For complicated or custom projects we might use a bit longer to put together the optimal team for your project.

Can I see examples of Leanscout’s work?
You can find case examples of our work on each of our Services pages. You can also take a look at this presentation with some additional selected case examples and customer stories.

Can Leanscout integrate with customers’ teams or set up a dedicated freelancer team on long term basis?
Yes, absolutely. This is the most effective way of using Leanscout.
We have several ways of integrating with our clients, such as mutual communication channels, regular calls and video conferences, shared project management tools and more. Reach out if you have any questions regarding this, we have great experience with hand picking, training and running integrated Dedicated Teams. We have team members across almost all time zones globally, and can as such set up a 24/7 available and elastic workforce tailor-made for your needs.

How does Leanscout handle changes of scope and requirements once the project/service has started?
If there are material changes to the scope of work of the project/service, we discuss and adjust everything accordingly in collaboration with you. We do our best to provide an estimate with the information we have available and provide a few options, and always let you know up front if details come to light. We always make sure we have your approval to proceed if changes in project scope increase the cost of the project/service.
Quite commonly, clients wish to increase the project scope or add additional services as they see their company or project develop. We have full understanding for this, and will always try to facilitate for any changes or additions during the process.

Can I get several projects/services done at the same time?
Yes. Our Scouts can work on tens of projects/services for you at the same time.
If you require 10+ services per month, we suggest that you inquire about our Leanscout Dedicated Team solution, where we will hand pick and train a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of your organization and is always available for instant support. Typically, this is relevant for companies with recurring tasks or larger or ongoing projects that last for several months.

Can I talk directly to the freelancer/specialist?
Our project managers are highly skilled professionals with several years of relevant education and experience. They have done hundreds of projects with our specialists. It is most often much more efficient to communicate with the project manager which will then coordinate with the specialists and manage the team, so you don’t have to.
There are, however, situations where it is convenient that everyone on the team gets together on a call or video conference, so feel free to ask and we will facilitate.
Sometimes our customers wish to offer our specialists permanent employment. We strongly encourage this, as we are 100% committed to the long-term careers of our freelancers. Please let us know if this is your intention, and we will help facilitate.

How do I send my files and/or sensitive information to Leanscout?
Files can be securely uploaded on the Leanscout platform after starting a project/service, or they can be sent via chat or email. We take great care to provide secure file handling with our partner, our certified cloud storage provider.