Scouts FAQ’s

Getting Started

Who can sign up?
In order to work with clients on the platform you must be operating out of one of the 25 countries that leanscout currently serves, as well as complete some basic profile information. We are currently reviewing new profiles from Scouts operating out of countries where Stripe payouts are supported.

What does it cost?
It’s free to sign up on leanscout. We offer additional paid subscription plans to enhance your freelancing success which include featured like:
– Reduced service fees on jobs
– The ability to submit more proposals
– Access to a curated job leads digest of top opportunities
– Access to a private group of top freelancers

How do I connect with clients?
When you join leanscout you’ll have the ability to submit proposals on job listings. To get started, click here to sign up and create your profile.

Working with Clients

What will I be paid?
You’re able to create service packages to sell from your storefront, and negotiate any rates with clients. Check out our rates page for examples of the types of rates leanscout tend to offer for various types of work.

What type of experience do I need?
We welcome Scouts of all experience levels to sign up, but you have to go through a rigorous selection process. Clients come to leanscout looking for help in a wide variety of areas like graphic design, web development, social media management, content marketing, and more!

What are my chances of finding work?
There are a number of ways to connect with clients that include pitching job listings and promoting your services.