250 Custom Lead List

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Most leads on the internet being sold are stale, resold data. These aren’t your typical leads. Our team of 250 virtual assistants and proprietary in-house application to carry out custom research to produce highly-targeted lead lists created specifically for your business.


  • Targeted and Validated Leads
  • Comprehensive Intelligence Report for companies and point of contacts.
  • Team of our virtual assistant executing your customer research
  • High-fives on sales!


  • Finish Post-Purchase Targeting Survey
  • Type of CRM if using one


  • How does this work exactly?
You tell us your buyer profile with the following info:Industry, company size, job title, any unique characteristics or additional information. Our team of virtual assistant then go to work for you, finding the right leads for your sales engine. We then deliver you the file of targeted leads so you can start closing more sales.    
  • Is it ok to buy leads and email them?
Yes it's industry standard to use purchased leads for outbound sales. Companies like Box, Salesforce and Zendesk use these strategies with their sales teams. That said, there are guidelines that you must follow to stay compliant. We can help guide you along the way if you need help.    
  • What type of business will this work for?
Companies with large total addressable markets, an existing sales process, high LTV (pricing with $100/mo or annual contract). The industries it tends to perform with include eCommerce, analytics, sales, IT, marketing or HR. Of course a good website and product help too.    
  • Who wouldn't this work for?
Small markets with geography restrictions, less than 5,000 companies to sell to. If you are unable to communicate ideal customer profile, or if you have a low LTV product or freemium.    
  • How fast can we get started?
No training or ramp time required. Sign up on Monday and start talking to prospects by Friday. If the channel works, you can pour more fuel on the fire and see immediate results.    
  • What if I don't like the results?
Cancel anytime and if we don't deliver what what promised, we'll give you your money back.    
  • What is the high-level overview of the process used to find the leads?
We set up a call with you and through a screen share, we work with you to identify the best criteria/filters to target your ideal prospective customers. From there, we submit the parameters and our proprietary software pulls targeted leads from over 20 different sources.    
  • What types of filters/parameters can I choose from to target my ideal client?
Company size, industry, keywords, location, specific accounts, excluded accounts, web technologies, venture funding. There are more target available through our post-purchase survey.    
  • What types of businesses is this gig ideal for?
This is ideal for any business that is looking to connect with their potential consumers. Some of the most popular industries include: IT services, technology and healthcare.    
  • What is the actual deliverable that I will receive?
Name, title, company, email, company size, industry, personal LinkedIn url, website, company LinkedIn url, location, phone, SEO description, technologies. Additional fields are available depending on post-purchase survey.    
  • How long does it take to get my leads?
The leads are delivered to you soon after we speak to you about parameters and your target market.    
  • Is there anyway to prevent us from getting leads that we already have in our CRM system? I don't want to pay for duplicates
We can sync with Gmail, Outlook, or your Salesforce system if you have the Enterprise or Unlimited edition, to look for duplicates.