Pitch 200 Bloggers

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Most people think of PR as your typical “Press Release” which has minor boosts in traffic, that never sticks and dies off very quickly.

We believe in the Digital PR model to build buzz. This consist of building a list of highly relevant targeted content channels, reaching out to the content channels, and execute on current relationships, to get you company posted and talked about.

We pitch Bloggers, Journalists, Influencers, and even companies for content opportunities depending on your goal.


  • 200 Email Sequences to targeted Bloggers
  • 200 Potential detailed PR source list for your database
  • Authoitative Backlinks that relate to your business
  • Channel Analytics about who were ptiching and why
  • Feedback on your companies story and pitch
  • Updates whenever a pitch is accepted or content is posted
  • High-fives on new PR postings!
  • Lots of traffic!


  • We will need the topics related to your business so that we can source a viable list of targets.
  • DNS changes so that we can perform outreach
  • Pitch Template if you already have one.
  • Fill out a short company story survey that focus on learning more about your business and your goals with digital PR.


  • How does this work exactly?
You tell us about your company and goals, what your looking to accomplish with PR and we craft a list of blogs, news media channels, influencers or companies to pitch your concept or content to.    
  • Is it ok to ask for PR directly?
Yes it's industry standard to use purchased leads for marketing teams. Companies like Box, Salesforce and Zendesk use these strategies with their marketing team. That said, there are guidelines that you must follow to stay compliant. We can help guide you along the way if you need help.    
  • What type of business will this work for?
Anyone looking to build buzz about a product or perhaps thought leadership.    
  • Who wouldn't this work for?
It will work, its one of those types of campaigns that always works. The results on the other hand vary on how well you craft your pitch or content. If for some reason we didn't think this service would work for you, we will let you know pre-start and refund you.    
  • How fast can we get started?
Once the requirements are met, we start launching pitch emails with-in 24 to 48 hours.    
  • What if I don't like the results?
Let us know why and cancel your subscription to remove future billing. Due to the nature of this gig, we only provide refunds in special circumstances.      
  • What is the high-level overview of the process used to find the leads?
We are going to do in-depth analysis of your target topic finding hundreds of blogs, then we vet the blogs for quality and impact, as well as relevance score. Afterwords, we start to source relevant writers, editors, or marketing heads to reach out to.      
  • What types of filters/parameters can I choose from to target my ideal PR Source?
Keywords and Topics, you can also request sites with only a specific following, level of traffic, number of social followers.    
  • What is the actual deliverable that I will receive?
Lots of Buzz about your business, new visitors, and potentially additional PR opportunities through syndication.    
  • How long does it take to get my PR?
This is typically a 30-45 day process before you start seeing solid results. Its best to conduct monthly and watch your quarterly growth to gauge ROI. We do conduct attribution upon request.