Revenue Optimization

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We offer the best bang for your buck, an affordable monthly rate that includes a full-conversion consulting service with a dedicated conversion consultant and the creation of several A/B tests every month.


  • 1 active A/B test  on your site at any given time
  • Your own dedicated conversion consultant
  • Unlimited targeted marketing campaigns
  • Testing tool with up to 100 000 pageviews
  • Continuous user research & sequential audits
  • Dynamic conversion strategy and testing plan
  • Weekly reporting on A/B tests and ROI
  • Lightning fast turnaround time (24h max)
  • Site-wide heatmaps available at all times
  • Winning variation implementation
  • 2-hour reply to any support question


  • Access to any data collection tool used (e.g. Google Analytics, surveys, etc.)
  • Business discovery: online questionnaire about your site & your business filled out
  • Weekly availability to exchange on strategy and A/B tests (skype or email)
  • Testing tool tag to add on your website (only interaction with your code ever)


  • How does it work?
We use a conversion optimization tool called BeamPulse to collect data about your visitors' behaviour and use this data to consolidate your revenue growth strategy & conversion tactics that are then implemented on your site through A/B testing.
  • How do you optimize my traffic?
Contrary to most conversion optimization programs, we don't optimize for the average visitor. We increase conversions for each audience segment, which increases the potential for improvement tenfold.
  • What is BeamPulse?
Installed within 5 minutes BeamPulse is a 3 in 1 tool that permits the behavioral analysis of any website, then the creation of A/B tests & finally the permanent implementation of successful campaigns.
  • How much traffic do I need to use this service?
A fast return on your investment is difficult to achieve on sites that receive less than 5,000 visitors a month. However sites with low levels of traffic can benefit in other ways, for example by getting to understand their audience better and thus reaching product-market fit faster.